AACFB Announces Creation of a New CEO Position

The new position will help further the reach of the Anne Arundel County Food Bank throughout the County. 


The Anne Arundel County Food Bank (AACFB) has grown over 35 years from a small, one-room food pantry into what is now a multimillion-dollar food distribution and warehousing nonprofit serving residents of Anne Arundel County. Under the leadership of Executive Director Susan Thomas, the AACFB has experienced exponential growth in food distribution over the past four years, distributing 1.3 million pounds of food in Fiscal Year 2018 to being on track to distribute over 6.1 million pounds of food in Fiscal Year 2021.

As the need for food in Anne Arundel County has increased and the organization has continued to grow in all ways to meet this essential need, Susan and the Board of Directors recognized the need to restructure the responsibilities of the organization’s leadership into two new roles, a Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, to best meet the needs of the organization and the community. Susan chose to follow her heart and passion for programs to become AACFB’s new Chief Operating Officer.

“The Food Bank is in my blood and it’s what I have dedicated myself to for the past 15 years. I want it to be the strongest organization it can be and keep providing critical nutrition and other resources to County residents,” said Susan. “I love working with our food pantries and community partners. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to increase my focus on growing our programs. I’m also excited for a new leader to join our Food Bank team and take us to the next level.”

The AACFB’s Board of Directors has formed a Search & Transition Committee of Board members and community volunteers to select the CEO. “The Board of Directors acknowledges Susan’s contributions to the Food Bank’s growth, especially during unprecedented times,” said Board Chair, Bappa Pal. “Now with Susan as the COO focusing on our countywide food distribution programs, and the new CEO steering the strategic vision and leading the organization, we will have the capacity to meet the increased demand in the County and continue to move forward with our transformational journey.”

AACFB is seeking a CEO who will build on the nonprofit’s success in helping to eliminate food insecurity throughout Anne Arundel County, as well as continuing to strengthen the organization. Information about the position is available at www.aafoodbank.org/employment.