600,000 diapers distributed, but the need remains.

Diaper Distribution Event

Inflation, skyrocketing grocery bills, and drastic increases in gas prices are making it difficult for many families to pay their monthly bills and afford groceries and necessities like diapers and baby food for their young children. Even before record inflation, 57% of parents who could not regularly afford diapers reported that they missed an average of four days of work in the last month because they did not have enough diapers to supply their childcare provider.

The Anne Arundel County Food Bank is doing its part to help under-resourced residents access critical items like diapers and wipes for FREE so that these families can redirect their limited resources to other basic needs.

We recently partnered with the Maryland Department of General Services (DGS) to distribute to 40 agencies over 600,000 diapers and 460,000 baby wipes received through the Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program. Half of this donation will stay HERE in Anne Arundel County to be distributed at 13 baby pantries that continue to experience a surge in requests for these supplies.

Thanks to DGS, these diapers and wipes will stock our baby pantry shelves for the next two months, ensuring that Anne Arundel County families in need will have enough diapers and wipes to keep their infants and toddlers healthy and thriving.

Diaper Distribution Event Group Picture

Please make a donation today to help us meet the continued high demand for diapers and other critical supplies from Anne Arundel County families who are unable to afford these vital supplies. Your donation allows the Anne Arundel County Food Bank and our network of partners to ensure that under-resourced families throughout Anne Arundel County have access to food and supplies that are critical to long-term health outcomes.