Pantry & Resource List

Our food pantry and resource list helps you find free food and basic necessities in Anne Arundel County. This guide is continually updated to reflect changes that may occur due to the pandemic.

Download the Resource List which includes:

Food Pantries, pages 1-3

Senior Pantries, page 4

Baby Pantries, pages 4-5

Soup Kitchens, page 6

Clothing Banks, page 6

Pet Pantries, page 6

Click on the link below to download the full list of all our member agencies working tirelessly to provide much-needed food and other essential resources to those who need them most.

Pantry And Resource List

Lista De Despensa De Alimentos Y Recursos

Nuestra guía de recursos y despensa de alimentos se actualiza continuamente para reflejar los cambios que pueden ocurrir debido a la pandemia. Descargue la lista de recursos que incluye:

Despensa de Alimentos, Pagina 1-3

Despensa para mayores, Pagina 4

Despensa para Bebes, Pagina 4-5

Comedor de beneficencia, Pagina 6

Bancos de ropa, Pagina 6

Despensa para Mascotas, Pagina 6

Haga clic en el siguiente enlace para descargar la lista completa de todas nuestras agencias miembros que trabajan incansablemente para proporcionar alimentos y otros recursos esenciales muy necesarios a quienes más los necesitan.

Lista De Despensa De Alimentos Y Recursos

Find Resources

Find a Pantry, Meals for Children through Anne Arundel Public Schools, Senior Nutrition Lunch Service through the Department of Aging and Disabilities, and more.
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Our Programs

Pantry Program

The Anne Arundel County Food Bank is your local food bank and provides food to pantries throughout Anne Arundel County at no cost. The pantries take this food and prepare bags of free food to distribute to our hungry neighbors.

Resource and partners list.

Soup Kitchen Program

The Anne Arundel County Food Bank works with the Department of Human Resources to make sure that congregate feeding sites (soup kitchens, shelters) always have a free, hot meal to offer the hungry.

Resource and partners list.

Baby Pantries

The Anne Arundel County Food Bank provides baby pantries across the county with everything needed to help an infant grow and thrive.

Resource and partners list.

Senior Pantry

The Anne Arundel County Food Bank helps families whose needs go beyond standard food pantry items and ensure that seniors and individuals with diet constraints are not left at risk of hunger or malnutrition, which could increase poor health.

Resource and partners list.

Backpack Program

The Anne Arundel County Food Bank works alongside the Anne Arundel Public Schools  to provide a backpack with healthy foods to go home with children on the FARMS (Free & Reduced Meal System). This provides the child with a sense of security & proper nourishment.

Check with your school to sign up.

Pet Food Pantry Program

With the help of our donors and through local ASPCA’s and Anne Arundel County Animal Control, this program provides needed pet food, toys, kitty litter and pet bedding material so that our clients can keep their beloved pets.

Resource and partners list.

Other Services Through Our Partner Organizations:

Clothing Banks

Offers donated clothing, shoes, and accessories at no charge to individuals and families in need.

Resource and partners list.

Medical Equipment

Donate or receive durable medical equipment through the Maryland Durable Medical Equipment Re-Use program. This program is provided to adults and children with mobility needs.

Wheelchairs, Power Chairs, Rollators, Scooters, Walkers, Shower Chairs, Canes, Crutches, Hospital Beds, “Hoyer” Lifts, Tub Transfer Benches, and much more!

For more info, contact: 240-230-8000 or

More Help

Maryland Food Stamps Application Information

The Maryland Food Supplement Program, formally called food stamps, is a state sponsored program that encourages the residents of Maryland to eat nutritious food, through the use of food stamps.

Apply for Food Stamps

Find a pantry anywhere in the United States.

211 - United Way Help Line

Need help but do not know where to go, call united way of Maryland help line.

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