Board of Directors Officers


Bappa Pal, Chair

Bappa Pal enjoys giving back, helping those in need and inspiring others to do the same. Bappa has over 25 years experience in information technology and financial management. Bappa's time and talents are being put to great use helping the AACFB meet the needs of our county residents in need.  


Pam Harrison, Co-Chair

For Pam Harrison giving back is a way of life. Pam brings fundraising, marketing and a history of successful food drive campaigns to the Board.  In 2016, Pam was recognized by National Association of Realtors  Top 10 - Good Neighbor Award program, which recognizes Realtors who make a difference in their communities. 


Todd Furr, Treasurer

Retired food broker, Todd Furr has supported the AACFB and its mission for years donating food from his company and helping any way possible. Now our Treasurer, Todd takes his corporate experience to help guide the AACFB. 


Deborah Laggini, Secretary

Deborah Laggini is invested in AA County and the people that live here. Deborah brings vital marketing experience to our Board where she was instrumental in paving the way for our very first company logo and branding.  

 Board of Directors 

John Leopold, Former AA Co. Executive

Dan Mellin, Lawyer

Mary Burkholder, Vice President, BAE Urban Economics

Rich Dobry, Remax

JJ Fegan, Sr., Remax

Brian Dague, Northwestern Mutual

Mark Hartzell, Retired, AAC Gov't

Eric Quintanilla, Target

Pam Brown,  Executive Director, AA County   Partnership for Children, Youth and Families 

Our Staff

Executive Director

Susan Thomas, Executive Director


Marta Jones, Office Manager

Donna Smith, Warehouse Manager

Programs & Services

Angie Slattery, Member Relations/TEFAP Compliance 

Mary Thomas, Food Drive Coordinator

Angel Woodall, Volunteer Coordinator


Jesse Lute, Facility Maintenance Specialist


Stephen Deshaies


Juls Jacobs-Kaczmarek


Lois Sowell