Board of Directors Officers

JJ Fegan, Chair


JJ Fegan cares about his community, his neighbors, and helping those in need. There is nothing more satisfying to J.J. Fegan than to know that at the end of the day he has helped someone; it’s a rewarding and positive experience for all. He loves his family, and knows how important it is to give back to our community.  

Bappa Pal, Co-Chair


Bappa Pal enjoys giving back, helping those in need and inspiring others to do the same. Bappa's time and talents are being put to great use at the AACFB. 

Rich Dobry, Treasurer


Rich Dobry is a man with a mission. He wants to feed the hungry. Rich is Co-Founder of our largest food drive "Harvest for the Hungry". Harvest for the Hungry enlists the help of schools, realtors, post offices and more to raise food and money to feed the hungry.

Todd Furr, Secretary


Retired food broker, Todd Furr enjoys helping any way possible. You may see him picking up donations or representing us at a meeting.  No job is to big or small. 

Board of Directors

Adrian Wiseman, Retired, Dept Aging & Disabilities

Alma Crooper, MT. Olive Church

Joelle Ridgeway, Dept Aging & Disabilities

John Leopold, Former AA Co. Executive

Dan Mellin, Lawyer

Deborah Laggini, Realtor, Lon & Foster

Katharine O'Donovan, Retired, AA County House Delegation

Mary Burkholder, Vice President, BAE Urban Economics

Pam Harrison, Realtor, Remax

Photo: Pam Harrison, Board Member and Philanthropist won national realtors Cares Award for all of her hard work and community impact. Pam donated $3,000 to the AA Co. Food Bank from part of her award winnings!