Furloughed Federal Employees

The Anne Arundel Food Bank  is distributing emergency food to furloughed federal employees and contractors who reside in Anne Arundel County by appointment only by calling 410-923-4255.

 A federal ID and/or proof of employment with the federal government, along with an ID that shows residency in Anne Arundel County, will be required. Distribution will be by appointment only. 

All Anne Arundel County residents in need, including those Anne Arundel County residents affected by the furlough, can also go to AACFB member agencies for assistance. A Member Agency List (pantries, soup kitchens, baby pantries, senior pantries, clothing pantries, and pet pantries) can be found above. 


All other Maryland residents (who do not reside in Anne Arundel County) are encouraged to contact their local food bank to find information on resources in their area. 

Other Food Banks in Maryland by Area

Capital Area Food Bank (including Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties) – 202-644-9800

Frederick Food Bank Program – 301-600-6263

Howard County Food Bank – 410-313-6185

Maryland Food Bank (Baltimore) – 410-737-8282

Maryland Food Bank (Eastern Shore) – 410-742-0050

Maryland Food Bank (Western Branch) – 410-737-8282

Southern Maryland Food Bank – 301-274-0695

Food Services Provided

Pantry Program


 The AA County Food Bank provides food to pantries throughout Anne Arundel County. The pantries take this food and prepare bags of groceries to distribute to our hungry neighbors.  Click on Member Agencies PDF download for a full list.

Soup Kitchen Program


The Anne Arundel County Food Bank works with the Department of Human Resources to make sure that congregate feeding sites(soup kitchens, shelters) always have a free, hot meal to offer the hungry.  Click on Member Agencies PDF download for a full list. 

Baby Pantries


  The AA County Food Bank provides baby pantries across the county with everything needed to help an infant grow and thrive.   Click on Member Agencies PDF download for a full list. 

Senior Pantry


 The AA County Food Bank helps families whose needs go beyond standard food pantry items and ensure that seniors and individuals with diet constraints are not left at risk of hunger or malnutrition, which could increase poor health.   Click on Member Agencies PDF download for a full list.  

Back Pack Program


The AA Co. Food Bank works alongside the AA Co. Schools  to provide a backpack with healthy foods to go home with children on the FARMS (Free & Reduced Meal System). This provides the child with a sense of security & proper nourishment.  Check with your school to sign up.   

Pet Food Pantry Program


 With the help of our donors and through local ASPCA’s and Anne Arundel County Animal Control, this program provides needed pet food, toys, kitty litter and pet bedding material so that our clients can keep their beloved pets.  Click on Member Agencies PDF download for a full list. 

Non-Food Services Provided

Clothing Banks



Offers donated clothing, shoes, 

and accessories at no charge to individuals and families in need.   Click on Member Agencies PDF download for a full list. 

Medical Program


Distribution of medical equipment, free of charge, to the uninsured & under-insured through referrals by doctors, hospice, Dept. of Aging, Dept. of Social Services & other service oriented agencies. Depending on request a doctor note may be required. Contact us for details. 

Food In-the-Know

Sign Up for Food Recalls

Sign up for free notification of recalls from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the FDA and the U.S. Dept of Agriculture.  

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