FY19 Annual Impact Report

During FY19, the Anne Arundel County Food Bank (AACFB) supplied food and basic necessities to 68 pantries, 8 soup kitchens, 12 shelters, 41 schools with backpack programs, 11 baby pantries, 8 senior pantries, 4 pet pantries, 13 clothing pantries, and 1 furniture program throughout Anne Arundel County. We also support seasonal programs such as winter relief, free community events and dinners for those in need, free summer camps and summer programs to under privileged children as well as participating annually in Anne Arundel County Homeless Resource Day. In FY19 the AACFB distributed almost $4 million dollars’ worth of food and basic necessities which includes over 2.6 million pounds to our member agencies (pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, etc.). The AACFB uses a core set of programs to carry out our mission. These programs may vary based on the needs of those we serve. In FY19 our services included:


  • Pantry Distribution Program - Our pantries provide bags of food for residents in need in Anne Arundel County. These bags include frozen meats, breads, pastries, produce, perishable, donated canned, dry and government foods. In addition all pantries may distribute toiletries and cleaning supplies. In FY19 this program assisted 62,170 households (HH). 
  • On-Site Feeding Program - The Anne Arundel County Food Bank works with the Department of Human Resources to make sure that congregate feeding sites (shelters, soup kitchens) always have a hot meal to offer. Our onsite feeding programs served approximately 1.3 million nutritious meals to homeless and hungry citizens in our county.
  • Baby Pantry – After Food Link (baby pantry) shut their doors in May 2018, the AACFB began to open baby pantries to ensure families with infants and toddlers had a resource for continuum of services. In FY19 this program assisted 1,000 households, or 2,711 individuals. 
  • Senior Pantries – 43% of all seniors live below the Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE) threshold (survival threshold). This program was started this past year to help families whose needs go beyond standard food pantry items thereby ensuring that seniors and those with diet constraints are not left at risk of hunger or malnutrition, which could increase poor health.
  • Professional Medical Equipment - Distribution of medical equipment including but not limited to wheel chairs, transfer chairs, electric scooters, walkers, and more to clients free of charge through referrals by Department of Aging, Department of Social Services and other service oriented agencies. The AACFB Loaned medical equipment to 114 individuals this past year.
  • Pet Pantry - 62% of American households own at least one pet and many pet owners admit that they will go without to ensure their pet has food to eat. With this in mind, this past year we opened several pet pantries throughout Anne Arundel County. Donations to support this program come from local stores and enabled us to assist around 1,000 pet families as well as local animal shelters with items valued at almost $88,000. 
  • Back Pack Buddies – The AACFB works alongside the Anne Arundel County Public School System and the local churches to provide a backpack containing 4 meals and snacks to go home with the most impoverished and at risk children on the FARMS system (Free and Reduced Meal System). This not only takes the stress off of the parent that is working but also provides the child with a sense of security and proper nourishment. In FY19 the back pack buddies program at the AACFB served almost 6,400 students at 41 schools throughout our county
  • Holidays Assistance - With support from the Woodland Beach Fire Department as well as donations from local businesses and county residents we were able to assist 1,500 families with holiday baskets of food and 15,000 youth with gifts.
  • Pop-Up Produce Pantries – Help to combat food deserts in AA County providing almost 300,000 pounds of produce in FY19. With the addition of a second refrigeration unit this program is projected to increase dramatically in FY20.
  • Pop-Up Essential Pantry – Are pantry distributions, of nonfood basic necessities that go to our county’s most impoverished areas. These items include but are not limited to blankets, make-up, dishes, toys, and appliances. In FY19 The AACFB worked with the Office of Emergency Management, City of Annapolis, as well as our member agencies to get these items in the hands of those in need.

Highlights of FY19

15 Year Lease & Roof Repair Funding

MREs Arrive for our Homeless Population

MREs Arrive for our Homeless Population


AACFB roof was in dire need of repairs but without a long-term lease the repair was prohibitive. With support from the entire delegation, a 15 year lease was obtained!! Senator Ed Reilly and Delegate Heather Bagnall sponsored a bond to match funds from Deerbrook Trust to repair the roof.  Work is set to begin in September 2019.  

MREs Arrive for our Homeless Population

MREs Arrive for our Homeless Population

MREs Arrive for our Homeless Population


 The Dept. of General Services and the Governor's Office facilitated the acquisition of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) for our homeless population in FY19.  This effort will supply over 120,000 meals and 60,000 snacks!

Federal Furlough Assistance

MREs Arrive for our Homeless Population

Federal Furlough Assistance


The U.S. partial gov't shutdown, began on Dec. 22, 2018 and ended 35 days later with a short-term funding bill, was the longest in U.S. history. Anne Arundel County being home to many federal employees, the AACFB took action. AACFB creating a Federal Furlough Assistance Program to help resulting in a 25% to 33% increase in people seeking help. 

Homeless Resource Day

Navy Furniture Program

Federal Furlough Assistance


Homeless Resource Day is an annual County event to help those without permanent housing access the numerous services they need to become more self-sufficient and seek permanent housing.  Services that might take a homeless individual months or longer to obtain are provided for free in one location.

Navy Furniture Program

Navy Furniture Program

Navy Furniture Program


AACFB partnered with the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives and the MD Dept. of General Services Surplus Program during FY19 to acquire and redistribute furniture and other gently used housing items from the U.S. Navy. Items were distributed through AACFB to shelters, safe houses, and transitional furniture assistance programs throughout MD, including in Anne Arundel County.

Community Day at AACFB

Navy Furniture Program

Navy Furniture Program


  The first ever Community Day event at AACFB was held on June 1st at the Food Bank.   There were games, raffles, prizes and food - with lots of fun for all! Members of the Board of Directors, the Original Laurel Assembly, and ACAN were on hand to help, and a good time was had by all! 

New Partnerships

AACC Sarbanes Center

AACC Sarbanes Center

AACC Sarbanes Center


The Sarbanes Center  selected the AACFB as their Partner of the Year! This partnership brings together all of the resources of the AACC in a year-long collaboration to make a greater impact in the community.  One project was preformed by students in the Visual Arts Department created branding for AACFB, and created a whole array of new ways to use our logo and brand including business cards, letterhead, brochures, etc. 

AA Co. Healthy Start

AACC Sarbanes Center

AACC Sarbanes Center


  Healthy Start conducts home visits and assesses clients needs and then picks up these items from AACFB.  Items range from a car seat, stroller, baby gate and crib. Like all AACFB services, these are provided free of charge.

USNA Midshipmen

AACC Sarbanes Center

O.E.M., Police Dept., Annapolis City


A long-time partner of the AACFB, the Midshipmen of Annapolis adopted the AACFB as a volunteer partner in FY19 to offer monthly volunteer help. The Midshipmen volunteered for many tasks including sorting food, clearing up foliage for the roof repair, reorganization of the warehouse and much more. All this in addition to their annual food drive. 

O.E.M., Police Dept., Annapolis City

O.E.M., Police Dept., Annapolis City

O.E.M., Police Dept., Annapolis City


 New partnership opportunities were created to ensure fresh produce may be available throughout AA County to residents in need. Partners pick up these healthy foods and distribute then to our communities. 

Hope for All

O.E.M., Police Dept., Annapolis City

Hope for All


The AACFB is proud to partner with Hope for All, a non-profit in Glen Burnie that helps former homeless and low-income families and individuals turn a house into a home. Items donated include furniture, lamps, and curtains.   

Bike AAA

O.E.M., Police Dept., Annapolis City

Hope for All


Bike AAA  advocate for better bicycling conditions and transportation choices; and educate children, adults, and motorists about safe bicycling.  This new partnerships offers bike safety training and safety helmets to bike recipients through the Healthy Living Initiative Bike Giveaways to promote exercise. 


Volunteers of AACFB

Additional Information

  In FY19, AACFB hosted 89 volunteer groups. Volunteer groups came and sorted donated food, produce, chemicals, clothing—whatever we needed sorted, they were up to the task! Groups from civic organizations, churches, businesses—and more—gave their time to help the AACFB, and we are truly grateful! 

  Eastport UMC

Federal Employees

Ralph Lauren-Polo Employees


North County High School STEM Students

BACC Riva Road MC

Holy Family Church

Target Nolpark Employees

Happy Helpers for the Homeless

M&T Bank

Crosby Marketing

Dept. of Social Services 

United Way

Maryland Aviation Administration

Dept. of Natural Resources

Fort Meade 90CPT

St. Andrew's Day School

Live! Casino & Hotel

Arundel Home Schoolers

Bay Area Wellness Center

Red Zone

Maryland Dept. of Transportation

Chesapeake Bayhawks

The Berkshire Community

MITRE Fort Meade

Cummins Engines


The Au Pair Group

Church of the Latter Day Saints

Lighthouse Church of Millersville

USNA Midshipmen

Annapolis Area Christian School

Capital District Boy Scouts

Comcast Cares

Annapolis Rotary/Annapolis High School Students

Liberty Mutual

Coastal Resources

Fidelity Investments

Keller Williams Select 

Howard Bank

Rockwell Collins

Westfield Mall

  ...and our groups from Providence Center and Bello Machre who come in weekly, as well as many Anne Arundel County individuals and their families!

Giving back through volunteer service

Volunteers are the backbone of the AACFB and make all of our work possible. To learn more about volunteer opportunities click the link below.