ACTION ALERT: AACFB Needs Your Advocacy Support Again!

Take Action, make your voice heard today

Dear Anne Arundel County Food Bank Friends and Supporters,

The Anne Arundel County Food Bank has requested $1,375,130 be added to the State Budget in support of our critical work throughout Anne Arundel County. We need your help to get our request through as a legislative add-on to the Governor’s FY2024 (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024) budget. Our funding request includes the purchase of food ($800,497), support of warehouse and driver salaries ($376,480), and the purchase of a new refrigerated vehicle ($198,153). In combination, these three priority areas encompass the essential operations of the AACFB and will help to ensure our ongoing sustainability.

Please consider taking action today!

Reaching out directly to our legislators, especially our Senators serving on the Budget & Tax Committee and our Delegates serving on the Appropriations Committee, will go a long way toward securing funding for the AACFB through the legislative add-on process. Phone calls from constituents have a powerful influence on the decision-making process of our representatives. Your support voiced on our behalf can make all the difference. If you are a resident of District 21, 30, or 32please contact the following legislators and ask them to include the Anne Arundel County Food Bank’s request for $1,375,130 as a legislative add-on to the Governor’s FY2024 budget.

District 21

Senator James C. Rosapepe, Vice-Chair, Budget & Tax Committee

Delegate Benjamin S. Barnes, Chair, Appropriations Committee

District 30

Senator Sarah K. Elfreth, Budget & Tax Committee

Delegate Shaneka T. Henson, Appropriations Committee

District 32

Delegate Mark S. Chang, Vice-Chair, Appropriations Committee

You can also follow this link Members – Find My Representatives ( to find your representative.

The key information to convey is:

  • You are in support of the AACFB’s request of $1,375,130 to provide critical supplemental food resources in Anne Arundel County.

  • This request will allow the Food Bank to purchase fresh produce and lean proteins as well as healthier shelf stable food items. Access to fresh, more nutritional food options helps to determine better health outcomes for our neighbors in need.

  • This request will help to retain the Food Bank’s warehouse and driver employees and pay them a fair wage. Maintaining a stable, highly functional warehouse team is essential to the current operation and future sustainability of the AACFB.

  • This request will allow for the purchase of a 26-foot refrigerated truck (something the Food Bank currently does not have.) Ensuring the stability of fresh donated items from the time of pick-up to safe storage in the AACFB warehouse refrigerators or freezers in preparation for distribution is a critical health and safety issue. A 26-foot refrigerated vehicle will enable optimal safe food handling and increase both capacity and efficiency.

Your advocacy work on our behalf will make a lasting difference in the lives of so many of our neighbors throughout Anne Arundel County! We value your partnership highly and thank you for all that you do to support the Anne Arundel County Food Bank.